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What is the reason for denying the group promotion app?
I am trying to figure out where it says the group has to be super active in order to move up in lvl. We meet the requirements but get denied for a reason thats not in writing? some of these groups that are moving up in lvl are groups I have never seen before or if I have seen them they only have like 2 people on.
The activity was checked by the Groups Manager and he saw and shared the word with me that only your group was missing a requirement. The requirement that i showed on the screenshot above.
Okay, More than half of our group has been on in the last 2 weeks but okay we will move on from this.
Sorry about the jumbled up stuff I wrote it would only let me type so much words
Hey there.
Thanks for contacting me.
No worries Gransavage, I know you are chill and AJ sometimes gets angry.
But I always forget and move on. I do thank you for apologizing on his behalf.

I have no issues with both of you.

Just enjoy your time on the server. Also if you have an issues with certain players being please let me know.

See you in-game.
part 3 in-game, of course I know we gonna always have to have a little cops and robbers fun but we can keep it cool you know. Thank for the read bro. GranSavage
part 2 I want to make it very clear that I do not have issues with you or Tokyo, Jamestown, etc. AJ is a good guy but has anger issues and wants to argue a lot be he is a good person overall. I just want to extend the olive branch so to speak and just be friends and get along
part 1 What's up, Sorry to bother you I just wanted to clear the air. I just wanted to apologize, my friend, AJ can be a bit much on complaining at times and it can be hard to take, I sometimes get a little carried away but AJ and I do have different views and styles on gameplay. I just want to play the game with others and have a good time for the most part.