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General Rules

1. Be mature and respectful
This includes but is not limited to excessive swearing, racial or ethnic slurs and sexist comments. Don’t argue with other players. You may also be asked to change your name in the pursuit of this rule at the discretion of a Staff Member. Show maturity and respect to your fellow players, and don’t be toxic.

2. No Cheating or Exploiting
We have a zero tolerance policy for this behaviour. Cheating or Exploiting (taking advantage of a glitch for personal gain etc.) is not allowed. If you find any bugs/glitches please report them via the /forum.

3. No anti-AFK exploiting
Any form of circumvention of the AFK system to prevent you from entering AFK mode is prohibited and will result in a punishment.

4. Macros and Automatic Scripts
Any kind of macro or automatic script that helps you gain an advantage over other players is prohibited. For example a macro to farm is disallowed and a macro for typing text in chat is allowed.

5. No interfering with Staff affairs
Let the staff do their job! Don't argue with the decision or start a discussion around the punishment. If the affected player wishes to refute the punishment, we have established methods for this: either visit the /discord or the /forum and post an appeal.

6. Please use English in public chats
To help the Staff team moderate the server, we ask you to only use English in Main Chat and Team Chat. To speak another language, please use group chat (as long as your group allows this), or speak privately using "/sms [name] [message]" or local chat.

7. Advertising
It is strictly prohibited to discuss or advertise other servers in chat or Discord. If you want to sell your in-game services to other players, you can use “/advert [message]”. However, misusing the /advert command will be punished.

8. No spamming
Spamming in chat (e.g. excessive use of caps, repeating the same message over and over, or typing random characters) is not allowed. Nor is playing loud sounds/music via Voice Chat to the point where other players can't hear anything. We recommend you to use Push to talk.

9. No scamming or selling in-game money
Scamming or trading in-game items for real money is not tolerated.

10. No trolling
This includes any form of trolling, such as trolling players in chat, blocking the entrance to robbery locations, griefing, or generally being annoying. Your mic must not disrupt play on the server through either excessively loud or poor quality transmissions.

11. No ramming
Do not ram people in safezones (aka spawn zones). While Cops may ram Criminals and vice versa, do not ram teammates or civilians. Do keep in mind that accidents may happen and avoid seeking revenge.

12. Speaker rule
You are not allowed to place speakers in heavily congested areas (like LSPD, robbery locations, prison, farm etc). If you want to host a party, please do it at your house or somewhere where other players will not be annoyed by it.

13. No impersonating
Do not impersonate any other individual or group.
Doing so will be treated harshly, regardless of intention or excuse. This includes impersonating in chat.

14. Do not block entrances to buildings or interiors.
This includes using vehicles, speakers, barriers or anything else that would stop a player from leaving or entering a building.

15. Do not avoid death/arrests by abusing features.
You should not exit out of the game or hide in a safezone to avoid being killed or arrested.

16. Do not beg players for money.
Do not ask multiple times in chat/private message for money. You can work hard for money just like all of the other players have - it will not be handed to you on a silver platter.

Official group / Base rules

1. Entering official group bases
You are not allowed to enter any official group base without the permission of the group.
When everyone is allowed the group needs to state that in the base marker in front.

2. Shooting players inside bases.
You are not allowed to shoot people inside an official group base unless they start shooting at you.

3. Hiding in bases
You are not allowed to hide in an official group base when having high WP (500+) or a bounty on your head.
You are allowed to go inside to spawn a vehicle or respawn but not longer than 1 minute.

4. Events
When a group is hosting an event or training. You are not allowed to troll them by ramming, killing, blocking, etc.
When a member of that group asks you to stop or leave, obey it.
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