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part 3 in-game, of course I know we gonna always have to have a little cops and robbers fun but we can keep it cool you know. Thank for the read bro. GranSavage
part 2 I want to make it very clear that I do not have issues with you or Tokyo, Jamestown, etc. AJ is a good guy but has anger issues and wants to argue a lot be he is a good person overall. I just want to extend the olive branch so to speak and just be friends and get along
part 1 What's up, Sorry to bother you I just wanted to clear the air. I just wanted to apologize, my friend, AJ can be a bit much on complaining at times and it can be hard to take, I sometimes get a little carried away but AJ and I do have different views and styles on gameplay. I just want to play the game with others and have a good time for the most part.