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Giving back to YOU

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Giving back to YOU
Tuesday 5th January 2021

Hey everyone,

With a recent surge of players, I'm happy to announce we're slowly increasing our average playerbase. You'll now notice there's plenty more cops to kill, criminals to arrest and civilians running around - which is fantastic and we're happy to welcome them all!

I'm also aware that some of you are streaming to platforms such as Twitch and recording your gameplay and publishing it to YouTube, which is incredibly fantastic to see! As a result of this, I've had a chat with our marketing team and we've come to a decision to reward players who stream/record their time at CIT5.

Here's how you can earn $1,000,000+ in-game cash by simply streaming/recording CIT5!


1. Stream/Record to Twitch/YouTube and ensure your video is public and accessible by anyone
2. Ensure your video includes our website URL and FiveM server IP (either in the description or on-screen)
3. Share your video link to our Discord channel called #server-videos and make sure you tag @Marketing Manager

Okay, then what?

Once you've shared your link and tagged the marketing manager, you'll receive your reward in-game!

Important Information

1. For your first video, you will receive $500,000 in-game cash
2. For your second video, you will receive $250,000 in-game cash
3. For your third video you will receive $125,000 in-game cash
4. For each video after that, you will receive $100,000 in-game cash
5. After claiming a reward, you must wait 24 hours until you can claim your next reward

And who knows... if this takes off, we may very well introduce more rewards for our streamers and YouTubers!

Happy New Year!
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