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  1. HassoN

    Vehicle shaders

    Vehicle Shaders Shop Tired of waiting to get your personal design in game? No more waiting!!! We've finally figured out a way to implement shaders system in GTA V (yea, just like old MTA:SA style!) Available vehicles list: Rules: - No inappropriate designs (NO THIS IS 18+ GAME ARGUMENT). -...
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    Here you can find the link to the donations site and all the VIP features: CLICK HERE TO GET REDIRECTED TO OUR STORE: All donations are automatically handled by our system so your VIP will be automatically sent to you. Please be patient until the system syncs and your VIP...
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    Community Rules

    General Rules 1. Be mature and respectful This includes but is not limited to excessive swearing, racial or ethnic slurs and sexist comments. Don’t argue with other players. You may also be asked to change your name in the pursuit of this rule at the discretion of a Staff Member. Show maturity...
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    Staff Roster

    L5. Staff Team Leaders 🇨🇭 HassoN (Developer) (Founder) 🇬🇧 Felix (Community Manager) L4. Senior Staff Members 🇱🇻 Edzha L3. Experienced Staff Members 🇺🇸 Nickdogg 🇸🇬 TrIpMo L2. Trained Staff Members 🇹🇳 The'Houcem 🇲🇾 Chungus 🇺🇸 Jonno 🇪🇸 PostMonkey 🇹🇳 ChiKa 🇩🇪 Dkn461 🇵🇹 JRua 🇬🇧 Luke L1. Staff...