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Community Update [15.10.2020]


Community Update
Thursday 15th October 2020

Hey everyone,

It's been a quiet week in the developer offices which I'm sure won't make most of you happy - but you know who is happy? Recently promoted staff member Nick who managed to scrape a promotion this past week, congratulations! Away from staff affairs, there's been an increase in group activity which led to the promotion of 4 groups!

08.10.2020 to 15.10.2020

Server Updates

          Admin vehicles now spawn server-side
          Added /destroyalladminspawnedvehicles

Group Updates

          FBI were promoted to Official Group L5
          Tokyo were promoted to Official Group L4
          BLUES were promoted to Official Group L3
          DeltaForce were promoted to Official Group L3

Staff Updates

          Nick_Dogg was promoted to Staff L3
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Re: Community Update [15.10.2020]

Great updates and congratulations!

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